Testing, Testing. Is this thing on?

Think, Smile, Laugh - Coming to your inbox soon!

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Hey 👋

Nice to see you here. I’m starting this newsletter to figure out if I want to start this newsletter. This is a secret, but I’m a little scared and don’t know what I’m doing 🤫Here’s where I’m at so far 👇

This will be a community focused monthly mishmash of brainfood, life updates, and cosmic questions with a purpose to facilitate meaningful conversation that will hopefully make you smile, laugh, and think.

The process and content will be constantly evolving based on my experiences and your feedback but I will commit to being open, honest and never failing to include terrible dad jokes and puns.

Emotions you can expect:

  • Curiosity

  • Empathy

  • Intrigue

  • Joy

  • Annoyance with grammar mistakes

  • (Hopefully) Inspiration to respond and engage

Will you join me in this undefined journey? 💛

Expect the first issue within the next week!