Hey 👋

Nice to see you here. I’m starting this newsletter to figure out if I want to start this newsletter. This is a secret, but I’m a little scared and don’t know what I’m doing 🤫Here’s where I’m at so far 👇

This will be a community focused monthly mishmash of brainfood, personal musings, and cosmic questions with a purpose to inspire creativity and bring more meaningful conversation to our lives.

My goal is to make you Think, Smile, or Laugh.

The process and content will be constantly evolving based on my experiences and your feedback but I will commit to being open, honest and never failing to include terrible dad jokes and puns.

Emotions you can expect:

  • Curiosity

  • Empathy

  • Intrigue

  • Joy

  • Annoyance with grammar mistakes

  • (Hopefully) Inspiration to respond and engage

Will you join me in this undefined journey? 💛